Internet Marketing

What is Internet Marketing?

If you are already a website owner, you will have probably heard the term search engine optimization. Chances are your web designer mentioned it to you or you have been approached in the past by companies offering their SEO services.

So how does a full Internet Marketing plan differ from standard SEO practices?

Internet marketing is simply the process of marketing companies and offers on the World Wide Web to a targeted audience, in turn making a profit. To make money for your business from your website you need two things:

Targeted traffic to your website and a converting offer/call to action on your website.

So how do we get targeted traffic?

There are a multitude of ways to send targeted visitors to your website and new methods are constantly being created. The most common and well known is traffic from the search engines, particularly Google. This is where SEO is required as the name implies. You must optimize your site so it performs well in the search engines. This is only a small piece of the puzzle though and this is unfortunately where most companies and individuals offering SEO services stop. They make a few changes to your website layout and meta tags and leave it at that.

This alone is not going to get you ranking high in the search engines. That will only happen with a well planned and strategic off page SEO marketing plan.

We do want to rank as highly as possible in Google and the other search engines as they offer an endless supply of free, targeted visitors to our website. Search engines themselves though only account for a small fraction of the traffic on the internet and there are many other sources which an internet marketer as opposed to a search engine optimizer will tap into and utilize.

What are these other sources?

There are many. Article marketing and Syndication, press releases, Squidoo, Hubpages, Blogger, WordPress, forum posting, blog posting, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Viddler, social bookmarking, media buys, banner advertising, pay per click advertising, online classifieds, joint ventures, integration marketing… and the list goes on!

As you can see, it’s not only about search engines.

Do you need to use all these methods? No, But it is important to be constantly testing different online marketing methods as one form of marketing may convert better in your market than another. Maybe video marketing converts well for you or testing shows that twitter works best.

This is the essence of Internet Marketing. To create multiple visitor streams to your website/offer, test and tweak methods to find what works best and then scale up the process.

The next part of our job is to convert the traffic which arrives at your website. Thousands of visitors a day to your website is useless if they are not sticking around or most importantly taking the action we desire them to take.

How do we do this?

By ensuring that your web pages are targeted and relevant to your visitor. There needs to be a strong call to action and it is essential that we get these visitors onto a subscriber list so we can build a relationship with them and deliver our marketing message and offers to them at the click of a mouse.

It has been said that, on average, it requires someone to be exposed to your marketing message 7 times before they will commit to buy. This is why it is ESSENTIAL that you have an email marketing system in place.

There is also the added benefit of being able to sell your products/services to these customers time and time again. The first sale to any new customer is the most costly to achieve. If we do not build and cement that relationship with our customer we need to be constantly investing in acquiring new leads. To make our return on investment better in this area it is important that we create as much profit as possible from each customer we acquire whilst providing an outstanding service to them.

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