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Countless benefits of our Products and Services

We offer, at the global level, policies of Life insurance in US dollars, only available to residents and foreign citizens out of the USA.

Among the countless advantages offered by our products are:

  • • Retirement options with lifetime income in dollars.
  • • Regularly lower rates than those offered by your local businesses.
  • • Provide a defense against inflation and currency devaluation.
  • • Create a guaranteed lifetime income.
  • • Protect loved ones in the event of a premature death.
  • • Participation and special features of investment policies.
  • • Life insurance policies combined with a trust.
  • • Tax-free income.
  • • You can receive your life insurance benefits.
  • • Creates a monthly income for loved ones in the event of the policyholder's death.
  • • Innovative options.
  • • Deposit of securities abroad.

Responses to your needs

That we sell products to focus on not only on life insurance protection, but also a ticket to retirement, taking into account the devaluation of the currency. The policies include a unique feature of investment dividends and high values in collateralized currency that meets the needs that people can have on your tickets and make a hole on the retirement of capital.

Product qualities

The distinction of the plans that we offer consists of the benefits to the policyholder in life: each policy has a high portion of actual value guaranteed, more investment opportunity with growth orientation, this means that a large portion of each payment of the press increases the real value guaranteed, while a smaller portion raises an equity investment opportunity. Homeowner’s insurance policy can increase the portion of investment through a benefit of additional deposit.

Additional annual benefits for owners of the policy

The dividend paid immediately to the client is one of the most impressive features of the product. Once the owner of the policy pays annual cousin and that emits the policy, the insurance company immediately pay the dividend in cash. The owner of the policy has the right to assign the dividends to a fund account personal participation abroad, also how can you do it with the Retirement Fund's annual benefit of the policy, for investments and benefit from taking possession of the shares of the issuer of the policy. This allows all policy owners become shareholders, which creates a special relationship between the owners of the policy and the company network.

Characteristics of the policies that we sell

In addition to traditional benefits for death, the policies that we sell are characterized by their great accumulation of values in currency and guaranteed tax free for payment in kind of annual dividends. Upon reaching the age of retirement, these policies provide a ticket for life with guaranteed through the settlement options. The settlement means that guarantee the insured or the beneficiary will have a ticket throughout his life. The ticket can give warranty based solely on a life or lives in communion. Dividend payments begin immediately to make payment of first year's cousin and when issuing the policy. The holding fund buy shares in the stock market for the owner of the policy through the stock exchange, New York Stock Exchange. In the U.S., his deposit of these values in a holding fund abroad protects the owner against the contribution to Government taxes. By profits on investments.

However, the values of life insurance are not submitted to U.S. taxes

The lack of planning for the eventuality of a hyperinflation or currency devaluation is a real obstacle that stand between individuals whether to attach solid or life protection for a ticket program retreat. The policies that we offer protect their owners helping them overcome these potential financial risks.

Have you considered having an insurance policy?

Please take a few minutes of your time to read the following considerations: as many people who have considerable financial assets, you should have very little free time. Possibly, you split your time between your family, business, travel and other interests. For this, it is surprising that, like many investors, experts occurs you have not had time to define or analyze a plan of protection and theirs inheritance assets. Regardless of what was previously said, is one of the most important plans for financial assets. In fact, the time you now devotes in developing this plan can provide you and your family important rewards in the future.

Numerous lawsuits are generally considered for protection and planning of an inheritance. One of the tools most used and recognized by wealthy investors is the structure of a life insurance policy combined with a holding fund. International Leaders offers you the tool adjusted to your needs, always with the guarantee of a company entered into the powerful insurance industry in the U.S., we have at your disposal the perfect instrument. This company combines extraordinary strength in a life insurance policy with the powerful action of the economy, as is the holding fund.

Start by evaluating your goals.

For example, consider the following objectives:

  • • Plan your inheritance.
  • • Administer confidentially your finances.
  • • Security in its assets.
  • • Exemption from State taxes.
  • • Limited Liability company.
  • • Forcible Heritage or validations of Testament.
  • • Recent spending.

With us, you get all the answers you need. Since now, start planning your future.

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